A (very incomplete) listing of my projects that I feel comfortable posting publically. Expect progress on these to go relatively slow. “Active Projects” means roughly “in-development” and “Completed Projects” means roughly “in-maintenance”. “Development Hell” and “Old” means “don’t expect maintenance anytime soon”.

Active Projects

Completed Projects

  • enumset (Programming) - A Rust crate for storing sets of enums as bitsets in an idiomatic way.
  • Reassembly mods&tools (Modding) - Various mods and modding tools for the ship building game Reassembly!

Projects in Development Hell

  • MPPatch (Modding) - A patch to Sid Meier’s Civilization V to allow for online modded multiplayer. Have been having issues continuing development on this, because it requires multiple computers and I still don’t have access to a working mac.

Old Projects

  • Danmakufu .dat Tool (Modding) - An archive extractor for Danmakufu 0.12m and Danmakufu ph3. Primarily meant for allowing translation of Danmakufu-based Touhou fangames.
  • Danmakufu scripts (Modding) - My old scripts for Danmakufu. Most of these are not-so-great, but I’m keeping them up here for history’s sake.
  • Underload to Scala compiler (Programming) - A simple compiler from the Underload esoteric programming language to Scala. It’s not very good, but it technically works.